This site is a collection of low-cost tinkering and making activities for children and educators.

Each activity consists of activity guides, demos, facilitation tips, and resources in English and Hindi and supports making and facilitation in both a physical or a virtual setting.

These activities seek inspiration from Exploratorium's Tinkering Studio and Arvind Gupta's Toys from Trash activities. We have developed some new and adapted some existing activities to be culturally relevant for our current primary audience, children from rural and remote areas in India.

We have tried to design for tinkerability. These activities are open-ended, have room for inquiry and exploration, allow the use of various materials, focus on the process more than the product, and provide opportunities for collaboration. We hope that these activities imbibe critical thinking skills in children crucial for them to thrive in the ever-changing present and the future.

We are also developing a platform where children could share their tinkering projects with peers, celebrate one another's work, and have learning exchanges. Stay tuned!

For any feedback or questions, write to us: