Let's make an interactive machine that can fit a human's head and perform an interesting action. This activity guide introduces a robotic head made from cardboard that uses a pulley-styled wiper system to clean the screen, a robot-like task that human eyes can't do!

Activity Resources


Materials Required

  • Cardboard box
  • Icecream sticks
  • Fevicol
  • Cloth piece
  • Board pins
  • Strong thread
  • Thick transparent plastic sheet

Age Groups

This activity is suitable for ages 8 years & up.

Facilitation Tips

  • Demonstrate the activity with help from the demo video and discuss with students:
    • What is a robot? What do robots do?
    • What material are the two blue-colored circles shown on the front of the mask made of? What is their role in the project?
    • Where else have you seen a similar mechanism like the pulley-styled wipers before? Could you share how and why the wipers move the way they do?
    • Depending on the grades students are in, you can discuss with them: what are pulleys, what are the different kinds of pulley systems, what are pulleys used for, etc.?
  • Introduce the activity using the activity guide in a PDF format, demo video, and voice notes. Encourage participants to make their Robo head different from the one in the activity guide and try making it as interactive as possible.
  • You can share some ideas for how they can make their machine interactive- you can put a fan on the top that rotates with the wind, a loudspeaker that amplifies your voice, or emits light.
  • Ask participants to share their process of making the Robo head, what materials they used, and how they can interact with it.

Note: Browse through the following resource on the topic of pulleys.

Browse through the facilitator guide for tips and tricks to engage participants in maker activities in a virtual or physical learning space.

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Suchakra Sharma, Co-Designer (Unstructured Studio)
Srishti Sethi, Co-Designer (Unstructured Studio)